Fora 1.2.6

The perfect web browser for translators and language students


  • Support for different types of dictionary
  • Great for professional translators and language students
  • Features dictionary manager with support for user profiles


  • Basic browser functionalities
  • Not recommended to use as main browser

Very good

There's a whole bunch of web browsers out there for you to choose from, but I'm sure none of them are as original as Fora.

This special web browser seems to have been developed for linguists, professional translators or students of foreign languages. Fora features a simple interface with support for multiple tabs, but with no other outstanding characteristics, except for its built-in dictionaries.

Fora's native support for dictionaries is its strongest point. While browsing the web with Fora, you can select any word and the program will immediately look it up in the active dictionary. What's more, Fora includes a complete dictionary manager where you can add and remove dictionaries, assign a color code to each of them, and set the order in which their results will appear.

Fora also enables you to create separate user profiles with different dictionary configurations, depending on which ones you want to use on a given moment. The browser supports different dictionary formats, which you can download from the Internet and add them to the browser straight away.

Though quite basic as a browser in itself, Fora is a great reference tool for translators or language students, probably best used as a secondary browser.

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Fora 1.2.6

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